Mall Galleries

Mall Galleries are a national focus for living representational artists, both established and emerging, showing contemporary work in different media. The galleries hold a number of annual societies’ exhibitions in addition to hosting several art prizes, and an extensive programme of education and outreach work.

Within the original historic stable block of Carlton House terrace, and with its main entrance from the Mall, the grade 1 listed building extends behind the colonnaded frontage and below the terrace.

By exposing elements of the existing fabric, through the removal of suspended ceiling and wall linings, our work for Mall Galleries has revealed existing soffits and windows, transforming the gallery space and radically changing its character and volume. The introduction of natural light into a remodelled bookshop has transformed the perception of the interior and its relationship with the outside. Purpose-made acoustic ceiling panels allow the gallery space to be used for many different types of event.

The galleries can now fully exploit their remarkable location and further extend their reputation as a major venue in London.

Mall Galleries are home to the Columbia Threadneedle Prize, and the remodelled space hosted the award ceremony in early February. Click the link below to see the announcement of this years winner.