Maylands Building

The Maylands Building is an existing 5 storey office on a 3.65 acre site approximately 25 miles north of Central London. Completed in 1991, the building provides open plan workspace in three wings arranged in a ‘U-shape’ above a podium containing parking and plant areas. The three wings of the building enclose a courtyard with an open aspect.

We have been invited to consider ways to refurbish and improve the existing building and to refresh its appearance.

Our design proposals include the relocation of the reception to the courtyard side of the building and the remodelling of the courtyard landscape. The new reception space contains both cafe and meeting areas, and is intended to be a destination in its own right.

The project also includes the internal remodelling and full refurbishment of the building, with new fittings and building services, and improved levels of amenity for staff.

Under an existing strategic master plan for the area the immediate context is set to become the functional centre of a new business district, with shops, restaurants, business services, community facilities and open space.